Light of Morn
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Summer Morn
3 July 2019
This delightful little group of Black-tail Deer greeted us as we entered the preserve.
Butterflies like this Callippe Fritillary overnight where morning sun will warm them enough to take flight.
Tiny Acmon Blue creeps up a stalk of grass as the sun warms it for flight.
Beautiful morning at Hidden Lake. Air temperature still cooler than the water.
On such mornings, Western Pond Turtles bask close to the surface to warm themselves.
Western Tree Frogs can change their skin coloration to match their habitat.
Female narrow-winged Damselfly rests on a blade of grass near the water's edge.
A common sight, a Wild Honey Bee "puddling" at the shoreline.
Dabbing up water to take back to the hive, probably in a nearby tree cavity.
Rarely noticed, a tiny Toad Bug forages busily along the shoreline.
Size, coloration could indicate this Toad Bug's in prime breeding condition.
Acmon Blue takes a morning drink.
Several were active at the water's edge.
In a shallow drainage pool, a single pond turtle basks just below the surface.
At the far end of the pool, noticed what looked like a cracked turtle shell.
Without closer inspection, not a positive ID.
Like butterflies, dragonflies also need the sun's rays to warm them before taking flight.
Wings outstretched as it warms itself, a Female Western Pondhawk Dragonfly.
Set aside for the public. Protected from development. A haven for wildlife.
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Western Pond Turtles