Light of Morn
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Tule Elk, Coyote Ridge
3 Feb 09
Morning haze shrouds southern portion of Santa Clara Valley.
Clear skies above Coyote Ridge with spring wildflowers to brighten the view.
Goldfields Common Muilla Wallflower
Tule Elk pause while awaiting 2-3 stragglers to rejoin the herd.
Lagging behind while grazing, a single elk finds itself separated from the main herd.
Together the herd set off at a lope across the hilltop. Cattle wondered what's the fuss?
Then joined the galloping elk for a spring frolic.
Panting in their winter coats after exertion on so warm a day.
Tule Elk with Morgan Hill in background.
Outta here!  Herd lopes downhill towards their home range north of Anderson Reservoir.
Bright patches of lichen on outcrops of serpentine on Coyote Ridge.
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