Light of Morn
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Pastures of Heaven
Summer 2003
A park-like area with natural loop trails throughout.
Landscape accented with majestic Valley Oaks.
Outcrops of California Serpentine.
Dramatic cloudscapes enhance the scenery.
Like brush strokes of a master artist.
Intrigued by a series of distant rock formations, I hiked into the area to take photos.
Here the earth surface buckled and thrust broken slabs of rock upward.
Ever-changing cloud patterns drift overhead.
Fire once swept over this ridge leaving skeleton trees in its wake.
Reservoir below rock formations south of Llagas Ave.
Dead oak in foreground is distinctive feature of this high meadow.
Future industrial park: corner of Bailey Avenue and Santa Teresa Blvd.
Farmland reservoirs provides habitat for birds and other wildlife.
Hay cut and left to dry creates an intricate pattern.
Reservoir drains via the wavering creek bed on right.
Future industrial park won't incorporate meandering creek, reservoirs or "mole hill".
Once farmland, then a golf course, now farmland once again.
What the future holds for Coyote Valley has already been decided.
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