Light of Morn
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Woodlands & Rattlesnakes
This Western Rattlesnake's skin pattern and color blends easily with its surroundings.
They often pause and remain still when they detect someone approaching.
Motionless, they can go unnoticed beside the trail.
Their tongues detect subtle temperature changes indicating proximity of prey or danger.
If they feel threatened, they will coil into a defensive position.
Head held low, with nearly four feet of solid muscle to drive its strike.
Head like a wedge, with eyes, nostrils, sensor pits, and mouth fully focused.
Although quite fierce looking, this rattlesnake never hissed or rattled its tail.
Its threatening posture is a warning to keep away.
A slight breeze, the play of dappled sunlight and shadows, colors and textures blend.
Would you have noticed this rattlesnake sitting quietly beside the trail?
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