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Not Alike:
Yellow-Eyed Ensatina vs. California Newt

At first glance, the Yellow-Eyed Ensatina Salamander looks like a California Newt.
But take a closer look, the differences become quite apparent.
The Ensatina prefers dark, damp places where it soaks up moisture through its skin.
Its skin and eye color have evolved to mimic the poisonous California Newt.
When disturbed, the ensatina at first remains motionless,
then gradually arches its back to appear larger, more threatening.
If an escape route is nearby, it will immediately dive into it and disappear.
In contrast, the Cailfornia Newt forages openly in search of food on the forest floor.
It crawls a ways, then stops momentarily watching for insect movement.
Note the rough texture of its skin and the clear color definition of its eye.
When obstructed, it simply turns the other way and crawls off.
To learn more about these amphibians, visit the California Herps website.
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