Light of Morn
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January 2021
CV-19 Restrictions Continue
Morning walk along Alamitos Creek.
Scrub Jay high in a willow tree preening its feathers after bathing in the creek.
Dying leaf at my feet. Its color draining away.
Scattered showers has revived trail-side lichen beautifully.
Always anxious to "get on with it!". Havoc waits.
Looks like a Rufus-crowned Sparrow, but its not.
It's actually an immature White-crowned Sparrow.
Hanging suet feeder attracts Chestnut-backed Chickadees
They seemed to have the suet feeder to themselves.
Last spring, a pair of Bewicks Wrens raised a brood of four near by.
Perhaps this is one of them.
Colorful male Spotted Tohee.
An immature Cold-crowned Sparrow.
Adult male Gold-crowned Sparrow
Adult female Gold-crowned Sparrow.
An Oak Titmouse. It's crown feathers raised in excitement and to appear larger.
Very tiny, fast-moving bird.
Hushed silence of a winter trail.
Trailside color. Native blackberry leaves.
A woman on a beautifully marked Dun gelding blended perfectly with the landscape.
I expect our "winter" to last through January.
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