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January 2022
Tule Elk & Merced Wetlands Preserves
This Tule Elk Preserve waterway attracts anglers and wildlife.
In good years, herons, egrets, dragonflies and butterflies are found here.
A lone coyote foraging inside the Tule Elk enclosure.
Immature red-tailed hawk takes flight.
The preserve's raptors often take flight at first sight of humans.
Due to California's ongoing drought, wetlands have less water than usual.
Odd photo of drops of water off a pintail duck.
Dowitcher foraging in shallows near shore.
Two immature kildeer begging mother to feed them.
A Song Sparrow forages for insects amid tule reeds.
My "spirit animal", a Bewick's Wren foraging.
An adult male White-crowned Sparrow.
Snow Goose sunning itself onshore.
"Scolded" me as it moved away. Very sweet.
Serene wetlands view from a picnic table.
Saw this whimsical personalized license plate in parking lot.
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