Light of Morn
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Creek Walk, 22 February 2020
Alamitos Creek Trail
Favorite section of trail.
One of the few Yellow-rumped Warbler I've seen this spring.
Behind a screen of Elderberry, a Spotted Tohee.
Very bold Western Scrub Jay.
Greedily gathering peanuts.
Then quickly finding a nearby spot to bury them.
Fresh growth on creek-side Sycamore.
Busy bumblebee flying from flower to flower gathering pollen.
Taking flight trailing a shower of excess pollen.
Trail companion "Havoc". Yes, he does pose problems for photography.
Scouting for spots suitable for watching wildlife.
"Havoc" in one of his swimming holes. He loves tagging along.
Sadly, very few bees active on this tree's spring blossoms.
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