Light of Morn
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Coyote Springs Wildflowers
13 Mar 09
Bright patches of spring wildflowers adorn the hillsides along the Coyote Springs trail.
In some areas, 4-5 different kinds of wildflowers enliven the scenery.
The calls of both Horned Lark and Meadow Lark punctuate the crisp morning air.
A hillside meadow fully clothed in Goldfields.
Heads tossing in the wind, a sea of Blue-eyed Gilia.
Note the pollen-laden stamens on these Blue-eyed Gilia flowers.
Now note the color of the pollen collected on the hind leg of this wild honey bee.
A bank of Red Maid wildflowers warmed and fully opened by the sun.
Tiny red aphid-like insects infesting this Cream Cup are common to many wildflowers.
A Field Crescent butterfly warms itself before taking flight.
A tiny Acmon Blue butterfly basks in the morning sun.
A Sulphur Yellow butterfly - note its large green eye looking up at you?
An Acmon Blue butterfly sips nectar from a tiny popcorn flower.
A butterfly so small, it can perch atop a flower 1/8" to 1/4" wide.
Relaxing briefly before resuming flight.
Surveying its world within a forest of tall-stemmed Plantago and Popcorn wildflowers.
A Tidytip shelters beside a piece of lichen embellished California Serpentine.
A bright banner of Blue-eyed Grass.
A single stalk of Shooting Stars.
Common Muilla blooms prolifically in spring.
Serpentine Linanthus grows only in serpentine soil.
Small Flowered or Slender Phlox is so tiny its often missed by passerby's.
A single Poppy and Cream Cup reach for the light.
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