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Tule Elk & Wetlands Preserve Visit
August 2019
Waterway bordering Elk Preserve. Not a sign of Tule Elk anywhere.
Water levels in preserves are controlled by a series of locks.
Surprised by the spread of invasive aquatic plant species.
This variety spreads along banks as well as in waterways.
Non-native Bullfrog suns itself, surrounded by a shoal of tiny minnows.
Dragonfly soaks up the morning sun.
Wetlands drained annually to conserve water for fall/winter flyway migration.
Lock releases water to flood adjacent "water meadows".
Some sections already showed signs of flooding.
Bright display of native sunflowers.
This specie common throughout many dry areas of California.
Fun to photograph.
Attracts many pollinator insects.
Fading colors of summer.
Bone dry "water meadows" were nearly devoid of wildlife.
Very quiet. Nothing stirred as temperatures rose to the mid 90s.
In the mid-day heat, this Mourning Dove was loath to take wing.
Allowed me to walk right up to it.
Same with this Verigated Dragonfly.
In a month or so, this dry meadow will once again be a wetland.
Nearby, year-round irrigation ensures water for livestock and agri crops.
Herd of Angus cross-breed cattle with new-born calves.
Calves wear same ear-tag number as mother until weaned.
Roadside sunflowers with cotton field in background.
Beautiful flowers. Hard to believe each will become a cotton boll.
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