Light of Morn
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Mariposa Arroyo, Hicks Road, San Jose, CA
March 2022

CA poppies responding to the morning sun.
Bright gold poppies' pollen attracts various insects.
Above the cliff face, a whirl of wings.
Male Anna's Hummingbird spring-flower nectar sipping.
Tiny blue butterfly nectar sipping on "popcorn" flowers.
Bright colored Field Crescent. It's lower wings snipped off by predators.
Butterflies rotate their lower wings to
distract predators from snapping at their heads.
Wild bees very active collecting nectar from Mtn Mahogany blossoms.
Difficult to photograph such a tiny star-shaped flower.
Mtn Mahogany blossoms a rich source of nectar in early spring.
Varigated Checkerspot nectar sipping Mtn Mahogany blossoms.
Tiny Green Hairstreak, an early spring flyer.
Mylitta Crescent foraging on Mtn Mahogany.
Common Ringlet on "popcorn" flowers.
A seedpod from one of last year's Silvery Blowflower.
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